Niagara Foundation Repair

Firstly, Niagara Wise Cracks provides the most comprehensive Niagara foundation repair in the Region. We are specialized in handling the unique soils and geological conditions of Niagara. Our solution – the Foundation repair Wise Seal ®, provides our Niagara foundation repair customers with a one-stop shop for making sure their foundations are repaired with the most cost-effective and reliable solution available. These repairs can be done from the inside using our product, we have twenty five years of proven success and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers to back it up.

Niagara Foundation Repair

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When injected into cracks or holes, Foundation repair Wise Seal ® penetrates through the outer limits of the wall and into the subgrade (soil), sealing not only the crack but forming an outer barrier.

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Niagara Foundation Repair

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“After today’s rain, not a drop in the basement. Awesome job guys, thanks, should have done this years ago!”
– Marian Lyne

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Niagara Foundation Repair

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Since 1991 we have served the residential, industrial, commercial and municipal markets in Canada using our unique foundation repair technology Wise Seal® Flexible polymer resins…

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Foundation crack repairs require experts like Wise Cracks to fix it right forever GUARANTEED! Contact us Today!

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Niagara Foundation Repair

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Although we are located in the Niagara Region, we service MANY locations across Ontario.  These areas include but are not limited to:

Brantford, East York, Etobicoke, Halton, Hamilton, London, Markham, Niagara, North York, Scarborough, Toronto and York.

Give us a call at 905.358.2571 today! We do provide full basement inspections and can solve any problem.  Our work is always GUARANTEED!